Super Food Capsules


    At KLM Tech we specialize in building the foundations to a healthier future. Our new 100% natural super food tablets come with all the benefits nature intended. We have combined the top 5 superpowers on the market  to help aid in boosting your immune system, rejuvenate your energy levels & help combat depression, anxiety, insomnia and many other health problems caused by modern day living.

    100% Natural Ingredients… Vegan Friendly… Just as nature intended!…

    • 100% Raw Wheat Grass Powder
    • 100% Raw Cacao Powder
    • 100% Raw Spirulina Powder
    • 100% Raw Chlorella Powder
    • 100% Raw Moringa Leaf Powder
    • 99.9% Pure CBD

    Super Food Capsules Marks

    180 CAPSULES