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CBD Workout Products

CBD Whey Protein, CBD Vegan Protein, CBD Creatine, and CBD Vegan Pre-Workout Powder

One of the greatest things about cannabidiol (CBD) is that it’s extremely versatile. We stock a wide variety of different CBD Workout products, including CBD Whey Protein, CBD Vegan Protein, CBD Vegan Pre-Workout Powder, CBD Creatine Powders, and much more!

If you take working out and getting in shape seriously, then it makes sense that you’d be searching for natural and healthy products to help you reach your peak physical condition.

Why are people using CBD to help with their workout routines? There have been a variety of different studies into CBDs natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Whenever you work out, it causes small tears in your muscles. The body then causes the area around these small tears to swell while they’re healing. When the muscles repair themselves, they are stronger than before. This process is continually repeated every time you work out or exercise. The faster you can recover, the sooner you can repeat the process and the faster you’ll build your muscles.

CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties could potentially help to reduce the swelling associated with working out and competition and increase the body’s recovery speed.

Several professional athletes around the world are all turning to CBD to help with pre-workout and also post-workout recovery after events and competitions. We stock a wide variety of different CBD products that have been specially designed to help athletes and anyone else that’s serious about getting in shape and working out.

You can choose from a wide variety of different CBD Workout products, including CBD Whey Protein, CBD Vegan Protein, CBD Vegan Pre-Workout Powder, CBD Creatine Powders; and much more! If you have any questions about any of the products that we stock, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly and professional team are always happy to help.

CBD Protein Powder

An athlete’s best interests were in mind when we formulated our CBD protein powder. That means it gets all the macronutrients and vitamins that you need to stay at the top of your game. Choose between our delightful vanilla or chocolate flavours for a smooth blend that helps disguise the flavour of the infused hemp extract and whey protein.

Using all-natural, non-GMO, organically sourced ingredients, we infuse our formula with a whole hemp plant extract that ensures you’re getting the best chances possible whether you’re on the track, at the gym, or somewhere else to get your workout on. Grass-fed whey protein is combined with various vitamins and amino acid supplements to magnify your performance.

Benefits of Our CBD Protein Powder

Protein is necessary for a body to make the proteins and enzymes it needs to properly build muscle and repair tissue. Meant to be used after a workout, it helps recover from gruelling exercise that much faster. Post-workout recovery is noticeably lessened for some in our community when they take advantage of this protein powder.

A high-quality protein powder can help one lose weight over time, and help tone muscles when you exercise. Topping that with CBD? You get a post-workout concoction that tastes as amazing as it makes you feel. From joint stiffness to inflammation, our CBD protein powder has the added bonus of relieving more than the average protein powder.

We’re happy to see the list of professional athletes that are becoming more accepting of CBD products. As cannabidiol makes its way through the sports and workout industries, we see so much promise for what it’s capable of providing to consumers everywhere.