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CBD Creatine Powder

Creatine is found naturally in the cells of our muscles, so a creatine-infused powder helps your muscles produce the extra energy required during a high-intensity exercise or heavy lifting to get the job done. Popular among adults, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts alike, a high-quality creatine powder can improve exercise performance, enhance strength, and allow you to more easily and readily gain muscle.

The power of our creatine powder works double when we infuse it with our powerful cannabidiol extract. More than helping during a workout, it helps to speed up muscle growth after the fact, may help support other functions in the muscles, and may even help with Parkinson’s Disease and help fight other neurological diseases.

As creatine powder and CBD has the chance to lower blood sugar levels and reduce blood pressure, which helps fight diabetes, we do recommend speaking with a certified medical professional before you start incorporating our CBD creatine powder into your regular workout routine.

Choose between our unflavoured, chocolate, or vanilla blends for a taste that you can enjoy from start to finish. Engineered for greatness, we’re happy to serve the athletes and fitness enthusiasts we do with the workout supplements they need to feel at their absolute best.

CBD Protein Powder

An athlete’s best interests were in mind when we formulated our CBD protein powder. That means it gets all the macronutrients and vitamins that you need to stay at the top of your game. Choose between our delightful vanilla or chocolate flavours for a smooth blend that helps disguise the flavour of the infused hemp extract and whey protein. Using all-natural, non-GMO, organically sourced ingredients, we infuse our formula with a whole hemp plant extract that ensures you’re getting the best chances possible whether you’re on the track, at the gym, or somewhere else to get your workout on. Grass-fed whey protein is combined with various vitamins and amino acid supplements to magnify your performance.

Benefits of Our CBD Protein Powder

Protein is necessary for a body to make the proteins and enzymes it needs to properly build muscle and repair tissue. Meant to be used after a workout, it helps recover from gruelling exercise that much faster. Post-workout recovery is noticeably lessened for some in our community when they take advantage of this protein powder. A high-quality protein powder can help one lose weight over time, and help tone muscles when you exercise. Topping that with CBD? You get a post-workout concoction that tastes as amazing as it makes you feel. From joint stiffness to inflammation, our CBD protein powder has the added bonus of relieving more than the average protein powder. We’re happy to see the list of professional athletes that are becoming more accepting of CBD products. As cannabidiol makes its way through the sports and workout industries, we see so much promise for what it’s capable of providing to consumers everywhere.