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CBD Multivitamin & Omega Gummies

Our CBD multivitamin & omega gummies contain all the essential nutritional vitamins, fatty acids & minerals to help kick start your day in the right way. The CBD infused gummies are packed with a potent punch of CBD alongside essential vitamins. Our gummies are a perfect solution for customers that hate the out-dated forms of capsules or tablets.

Our CBD multivitamin & omega gummies contain a broad spectrum of ingredients that help to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Unlike other multivitamin products that are currently on the market, our healthcare CBD sweets contain great flavour packed with a potent concentration of active ingredients. CBD alone needs no explanation with regards to its health benefits. It is believed that CBD can help combat symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, pain & much more. Combined with essential vitamins these CBD vitamin gummys pack a healthy flavoursome punch.

All our CBD vitamin gummy health supplements contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. They are free from soy, dairy & gluten. All ingredients found in our CBD vitamin products are non-GMO or contain any hydrogenated fats.
We have a vast selection of CBD products & we are continuing every day to broaden our ranges. Whether you are looking for gym supplements, tinctures, vapes, sweets, cosmetics we have you covered. All CBD products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure our customers receive a potent concentrated dose of CBD.