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CBD Edibles | sweets, Jams & spreads

Here at KLM Tech all our CBD Edibles are quickly becoming the No1 preferred method of consumption. CBD is believed to have many unique benefits for ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression & much more. Our CBD edibles are packed with a high potent dose of CBD, with a whopping 1000mg content. Compared to other CBD edibles on the market they contain a mid to low level of CBD, ranging from 100mg-300mg. We focus on High CBD content as we find customers build up a high tolerance to cannabinoids in a short period of time. Therefore, loosing faith in this soon to be wonder drug.

What are CBD edibles?

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is natures main active ingredient that contains healing properties from the male hemp plant with low THC content. CBD does not cause any psychogenic effects as the THC content is below 0.2% is completely legal. CBD edibles are basically food & drink items that have been infused with CBD. For example, sweets, jams, spreads, chocolates, drinks & much more.

At KLM Tech our CBD infused edibles are manufactured to the highest standards. We cater for all customers including the general public, vegans, vegetarians & those on strict Halal diets. We produce a wide spectrum of CBD edibles spanning from our delicious CBD peanut butter to our CBD infused gummy bear sweets

Benefits of CBD edibles:

The dosage is easy to measure: Instead of the usual dropper system used with CBD oil (20drops = 100mg) All our CBD infused edible sweets come pre-measured containing approx. 23mg of CBD (23mg x 44gummies = 1000mg total CBD content). Therefore, based on this users can determine what daily dosages to follow.

Our CBD edibles offer long lasting relief. This is because our gummies are slowly broken down in the digestive system. Thus, allowing a gradual release throughout the day.

What makes KLM’s edibles the best?

With countless years in the CBD trade we have managed to use our experience in the field to create a broad spectrum of fun great tasting highly potent CBD edibles. Rest assured all our CBD products have been tested by 3rd parties to ensure that our products meet the legal requirements.