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CBD Corpnology is delighted to offer an extensive range of Wholesale CBD Sweets. Our CBD sweets are perfect for users that struggle with taking CBD in other ways, shapes and forms. Our Wholesale CBD Sweets are a funner more exciting way to intake your daily allowance of CBD. Please bare in mind that some of our CBD Edibles are not suitable for vegans and people on vegetarian diets.

We offer a vast selection of CBD Edibles from the all time favourite Cola bottles to the fruity flavour gummy bears. We have conducted research into key leading sweets that are shopper’s most popular buys. Our Wholesale CBD Sweets are sourced with shoppers in mind. Based on the results of our extensive research we are able to provide our shop keepers with a range of the very best CBD edibles available in the UK at a very competitive price! Stock your shelves and be ready to take your customers down memory lane.

All of our Wholesale CBD Sweets contain a high concentrated dose of CBD. Our CBD Edibles contain approximately 1000mg of maximum strength CBD per pack. Rest assured all our CBD ingredients have been tried and tested by third-party labs for quality assurance. All of our CBD edibles range is fully compliant and manufactured to the highest of standards.

CBD has taken over the internet with success and health stories across the whole of the world! CBD may contain many health benefits, however due to current legislation we are unable to say 100% that CBD is a miracle drug. Our team have conducted our own tests and the results have been phenomenal! From helping to relive symptoms of stress and Anxiety, to helping to relax and sleep. All our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is recommended to advise all customers to consult a physician before consumption.

“We cannot be beaten on price”

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